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Bailey’s Football Specials Are Back!
September 26, 2017
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Trivia Night Live at Bailey’s!

The perfect pairing on Mondays at Bailey’s = Trivia + Burger & A Beer Night. Come on over for good food, drinks, and trivia starting at 7:30PM!

Trivia Night Live is an interactive game played in taverns and restaurants, at private parties and corporate events by teams and/or individuals looking to show off their knowledge of useless stuff! Each game lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours with questions coming from categories like entertainment, sports, history, geography, etc. It’s a game show and a party mixed into one, with a live host and customized answer slips for your event.

How it works …

20 Questions
– Each one is worth points. The higher the points, the tougher the question.

Write down your answer and hand it in
– Don’t shout out any answers. Don’t forget to include your team number.
Correct answers = plus points.
Incorrect answers = minus points.

Need help?? Skip!
– If you don’t want to take a chance, write down “skip” and hand it in. (Two available)

Double-Play Option
– Hand in two answers to increase your odds, but if they are both wrong, you will lose DOUBLE points. (One available).

Bonus Questions
– Double, Triple, Quadruple points available on multiple-answer questions.

On question #20, every team bets against their own score
– Just like on that TV game show, we’ll read off a category. Each team bets, hands it in. We ask the final question. Somebody wins the game. It’s that easy?.

– Don’t be the team that cheats. No one will like you!

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