Honor Thy Elder…

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October 18, 2016
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Honor Thy Elder…

A Warm and Special Evening for Bailey’s, Saratoga Senior Center, Celebrity Bartenders and Their Patrons

By Arthur Gonick

Sound Concepts

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Forgive the diversion at the top, but I will make my point quickly.

In Asian societies, family elders are revered.

There, it is by no means unusual for 3, perhaps 4, and some very lucky cases – 5 generations of families to be housed under one roof. Though the elders are no longer the one in charge in the family day-to-day, when they feel compelled to speak, they do so.

And when that happens – their word is LAW!

On the local scene, our elders have spoken: Their progeny, their progeny’s progeny – shall like, love, join and participate in the spectrum of activities available at the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga Springs.

Honor thy Elder.

It’s sometimes that simple.

On Thursday, November 10, a massive gathering swelled Bailey’s, inside and out. For a community event that was faithful to that straightforward principle.

“Sipping for seniors was another successful fundraiser and fun night out for the Saratoga Senior Center,” noted Executive Director Lois Celeste. “We raised over $2,000 – with many thanks to Baileys, our guest bartenders and the many friends and family who came out to support the Center.”

And let us give kudos to that team of guest bartenders – many of whom are all-pro ‘receivers’ of the same libations that they proudly served on this evening.

Putting it NFL- wise: Give a wide-out a chance to be QB, and it usually works out for all concerned. So kudos to the dishers, one and all:

Tina Marie Nigro, Mary Lentini, Patrick Pipino, Angela Amedio, Brandon Ture
, Mary Martin, Patrick Szurek, Lorrie Whalen Patenaude, Abraham Sultan, Arin Pastore Zollinger,
 Gloria Caldaroni Ford, Jason Kuruzovich, Francesca Parker, Lisa Boyle and Martin Ferrillo.

Lots of people were buying what you all were selling, on a ‘shot-ski’ or otherwise. To be sure, good times were ‘a flowin’.

Nobody asked me, but I have to pay tribute to Ms. Lois Celeste, who has a firm, joyous, and amazingly playful hand on the Senior Center throttle as Executive Director:

“Founded as the Golden Age Club on March 28, 1955, the Center started with just 35 members. The mission of the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga is to empower seniors to achieve and maintain personal independence and individual wellbeing by providing the program structure and support services necessary for healthy recreation, companionship, social involvement, and problem solving.”

                            – www.saratogaseniorcenter.org

As one who is quite a bit closer to participating in Saratoga Senior Center’s ‘problem solving’ expertise techniques than I might care to admit, it is a comfort to look forward to having everything in place.

A great evening at Bailey’s.

On a random November night.

A Thursday in Saratoga Springs.

Where are you going?

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